So… Let’s Catch Up

Various things have kept me from posting updates, so now I’ve got a LOT to share.  Here’s what we’ve accomplished:

The refrigerator that came with the house was too small for us, and it was in the way of the main pathway through the kitchen.  So we got a large counter-depth fridge, and moved the old one to the garage.  The new fridge is higher and wider, but not as deep from front to back.

Old fridge:

New fridge:

The faucets that were original to the house looked very cool, but unfortunately they didn’t work well anymore and needed to be replaced.  We had a plumber replace every faucet in the house: 4 lavatories, 2 showers, and the kitchen.  And NONE of them had shutoff valves, so the plumber had to add those as well.

Old faucets:

New faucets:

We needed pantry space, so we ordered these from Amazon.  This wall was the perfect place for them.


Our Christmas gifts for each other were nice big power recliners.  We spent way too much on them (we’re doing the no-interest payments thing – think: car payments), but we’ll be comfortable in our old age while watching TV!

Before (couch):

After (recliners):


Another luxury we insisted on was recessed lighting over the recliners, controlled by our smart phones.  I’m glad we did this; it’s really nice.

Our county has an adopt-a-tree program that costs nothing to have them plant a tree in the front yard, so here is our new Eastern Red Cedar tree.  It’s about 4 feet tall right now:


Our neighbor contributed half the cost for removing this ugly tree.  It was a threat to our carport.



All of the window coverings in the house needed to be replaced.  We had Budget Blinds replace everything except in the extra bedrooms.

Living room before (left & middle), and during replacement (right):

The living room now has cordless cellular shades that raise from the bottom and lower from the top.  Something very interesting about these is how the color seems different at different times of day or with different amounts of sunlight.  For example, they might look blue in the morning, beige in the afternoon, and brown or charcoal in the evening.  But they always look great.

The master bedroom and the bathrooms also got shades.  Here is the bedroom window (before/after):

And we have two sliding doors to the back patio, each getting new vertical blinds.  Since they both look the same, I’ll just show the one in the office area (the other is in the dining room):

When we put our former house on the market, we decluttered by putting as much stuff as possible into storage units.  Over a year later, we emptied the climate controlled unit, and put everything in an extra bedroom.  I don’t know when we will find time to sort through it.

The last of our storage units mostly contained things from Lisa’s parents’ house, and we finally emptied it and brought everything to our garage.  We can’t do anything about that mountain of stuff until the summer heat is over.  Being in the garage for any amount of time is unbearable right now.

We wanted to make some renovations to the master bath area, to include converting the tiled shower to a jetted tub, which would have meant moving some plumbing and a couple of walls.  But we have now run out of money.  So all future projects will have to be DIY, and my handyman abilities are almost as limited as my finances.  Still, we’re very happy with this house, and it’s going to be our last residence before we’re ready for the nursing home!

The next major projects are outside.  We have a greenhouse to assemble, then building raised beds for gardening.  At the pace things have been going, I’m starting to wonder if we’ll be ready for the next planting season.

Thanks for your time!