A photoless update.

I’ve been waiting to post my next entry until I had some photos to show with it, but I finally decided to give an update regardless.  We had electricians do a bunch of things required by the insurance company when they saw the inspection.  Then we had a plumber do a full day’s work, such as changing all the faucets, among other things.  As a Christmas gift to each other, we got new recliners, but we weren’t happy with them, so we’re changing them again.  That will happen Feb 4.  During Christmas week, we went to Tennessee for the funeral of Lisa’s uncle.  During New Year’s week, we both got sick with the cold & bronchitis thing that has been going around, and we’re still trying to fully get rid of that.  Now, we’re trying to empty one of the storage units before it comes due again, plus we are in talks with Lowe’s about some renovation ideas which we probably can’t afford.  I may soon be attempting handyman things that I have never done before!  On top of all that, I still have a 2nd pantry cabinet to assemble, and a long list of other things to do. We are slowly making progress.